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I love YA since I fell in love with Twilight. I am probably the oldest fan.

This is probably my favorite book of all time

Afternoon of an Autocrat - Norah Lofts

I am finding this site to be very difficult.


This book starts out in October with a description of Sir Charles Shelmadine's last ride and so sets a feel for the whole story.   Its slightly spooky but never gory and I love Norah Lofts descriptions.


I was very annoyed to learn that some think this story is just a romance novel!  It made me feel sick as I never focus on the romance aspect of this story.   The life and personality of Damask are of main interest to me.   I hope you will give it a try but don't tell me as I am overly sensitive about it.   (unless you like it and then I want to hear it)   I especially love the writing of Norah Lofts as I lived in Suffolk for a year and her work brings my time there back to me.