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BookLikes -> Goodreads Synchronization

Batgrl here for this first bit: Note to GR folks - One Small Problem with this:


If you turn on synchronize, anything you correct here will be mirrored over at your GR account. I didn't know this and went in and edited some newly exported reviews (which had lost all the html in the export process) - and suddenly all that html was lost in my GR reviews as well. So if you want to do any editing here, turn off sync, unless you're completely ok with having your GR review mirrored as it is on this site.


In my case I'm going to have to add a lot of html here that was in my GR reviews (links to Gutenberg and wikipedia mostly), which will be a pain. But at least I now know to turn off the sync or lose the html in the original review on GR.


 Also that "I love GR" button isn't quite what I'm feeling at the moment. Am still waiting to see how much I'll be using GR in the future. I still like its ability to compare users book history.



Good news for those who like BookLikes and Goodreads and want to stay active on both. Now you can synchronize your Goodreads profile with your BookLikes webpage. Just connect your GR account in Booklikes Settings/Import and fill up your both bookshelves at one go from your BookLikes webpage.


To synchronize your Goodreads account with your BookLikes webpage, follow these two steps:

1. Go to Settings/Import and connect your Goodreads account.

2. Enjoy shelving and reviewing books on BookLikes and have them published on both sites.


BookLikes -> Goodreads synchronization includes:

  • adding books to shelf,
  • adding shelves,
  • posting a review,
  • rating books.


Once you do one of those things on BookLikes, they will be published on your both sites: here on your BookLikes webpage and on your Goodreads profile. Please note that during this process we're dependent on Goodreads technology and some synchronization delays concerning adding books on your Goodreads shelf and posting a review may occur.


Please remember that BookLikes -> Goodreads book match is possible thanks to ISBN. If the book lacks the number or is unavailable on Goodreads with the given ISBN, it may not appear on your Goodreads bookshelves.


The synchronization will be active from the moment you connect your GR account on BookLikes. If you would like to fill up your BookLikes profile with your past book entries from Goodreads, you can do that by importing your csv file from Goodreads with your book collection, bookshelves, reviews and ratings in Settings/Import. If you have any questions, check our FAQ site or write to us